About Us

To put it simply, we’ve come together for the love of beer. Clichéd, yes we know. 

While other kids were running around with cricket bats and footballs we were sitting back and wondering what barley was made out of and whether the Easter bunny brought the best hops (boom!).

We’ve come from 3 continents to make Hong Kong our home. We’ve spent time dodging darts in the old Globe, running for the Lamma ferry, tripping down the steps of Elgin St, and we’ve been in Wan Chai when we shouldn’t have - and survived it all. Heck, we even remember when the cricket club was in Central (ok not quite). 

So whether you’ve been in Hong Kong since before ’97, have just arrived off the boat or have never left, come join us and try some of the best craft beers and ciders that the world has to offer… 

We’ve all been there – you walk in and see the same 5 beers on tap, the same 5 bottles in the fridge then think you’ll try something different, something where you finish the first sip and say ‘bloody hell, I like that’. Then our work is done. 

We’re sourcing Australia’s best. First and foremost it is the taste. But just as much of the taste of a great craft brew makes the beer, we like to hear their stories behind the beer – how they started out, what they’ve been through, where they’ve come from, we like the characters behind the craft. Want to find out more – see our selection, ask behind the bar, they’ll tell you. 

Oh and the beers we choose win awards – a lot of awards, it always helps.