Behemoth 'NOW That’s What I Call Hoppy #7' – Ekuanot Single Hop West Coast IPA


Now That’s What I Call Hoppy is our series of Single Hopped West Coast IPAs. Yes, like our Me Time series but this time to see how hoppy this particular hop is. What flavours, what aromas and what deliciousness this hop can bring to the table? (I do see the irony of this being named after a mixed CD...) So for Track 7, we have Ekuanot.

Ekuanot is a multifaceted hop combining high oil content with strong impressions of citrus, fruit, and herbs. Born and brewed in the USA it was formerly known as Equinox, Ekuanot® was developed by the Hop

Breeding Company and first released in 2014 as HBC 366.

See if Ekuanot is your favourite track.

 Alc/Vol: 6.5%  

440ml Cans