Behemoth 'Bridges and Hemispheres' - IPA


The world is a big place, but we are all connected, Southern or Northern Hemisphere, one side of the bridge of the other. It does not matter. We have teamed up with our friends Baerlic Brewing from South East Portland, Oregon, USA (right down the road from where Mrs Behemoth grew up), to bring you this IPA filled with NZ Nectaron, NZ Motueka and Oregon grown Strata hops. Bringing you passionfruit, orange, lime, strawberry and what you might smell wafting in the air at a rock concert. Baerlic won Oregon brewery of the year in 2017 and 2018 and trying this beer I am sure you will see why. If you have never been to Portland. It is pretty much beer paradise. Get over and get amongst it! Tell ‘em we sent ya!

7% ABV.  440ml Cans.