Behemoth 'NOW That’s What I Call Hoppy' – Simcoe Single Hop West Coast IPA


Now That’s What I Call Hoppy is our series of Single Hopped West Coast IPA’s. Yes like our Me Time series but this time to see how hoppy this particular hop is. What flavours, what aromas and what deliciousness this hop can bring to the table. Simcoe is one of the hops that really changed craft beer forever. Released in 2000 and is used in such beers as Dogfish Head 60min, Pliny the Elder, Epic Armageddon and other such awesome beers. It gives Passionfruit, Pine, Citrus, Apricot and Berry characters. See if Simcoe is your favourite track.

Alc/Vol: 6.5%.

440ml Cans