Behemoth 'Breakfast Juice' – Passionfruit and Mango Sour Ale


Welcome to the crazy new world of Post Fermentation Sours. Everything you love about a heavily fruited sour but with even more fruity goodness. Each, their own works of art. Yes, you can have this for Breakfast! You are an adult after all. Will you? Probably not, you have sh*t to do! But this will taste like you can enjoy it with a lazy Sunday brunch. We’ve packed this with loads of passionfruit and mango, all added post fermentation to give you a REAL BREAKFAST JUICE EXPERIENCE! A kettle soured base with copious amounts of passionfruit and mango added just before canning. Will it explode? No, no it won’t. We made sure we killed off any yeast first, so you can relax and enjoy this delicious combination of crazy fruity goodness! Be it at the breakfast table, or whenever you want it.

Alc/Vol: 4.5%

440ml Cans