Behemoth 'Raging Raisin' - Raisin Belgian Dark Strong Ale


Ooh-ooh, bet you're wondering how I knew Bout your plan to make me beer With some other Belgians that you knew before? Between the two of us, you’ll love Belgian Quads more Took me by surprise, I must say When I found out yesterday. I just had to share with everyone that I heard it through the grapevine that a new beer was in town. It’s a cool blues feel combining Pilsner, Munich, Melanoidin and Special B Malts, Dark and Medium Belgium Candy Sugars along with a Trappist Ale Yeast. But that’s not all. We also added a couple hundred kilos of sun ripened raisins to add to the dark fruit complexity. We thought we’d try something a bit different, you never know, it might become wildly popular like a certain raisin company tried in the 80’s. Enjoy now or age for up to 5 years.

10% ABV.

440ml Cans