Behemoth May Mega Mix


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OK, we got a little carried away. Again. Sorry, couldn't resist all these tasty beers.

Here, for your drinking pleasure, is May's Mix. This will get you 2 cans of each of the following, delivered to you before any venue in HK, and a not to be repeated price.

The mix is actually 23 different beers - there was a typo on the newsletter (well spotted Nathan!)

The best part? You can use your Consumption Vouchers to buy it (AliPay or 'Tap and Go' Mastercard function)!

    1. Ah My Eyes! The Goggles do Nothing! – Hazy IPA
    2. The Astonishing Ambrosia – Marshmallow & Mixed Berry Imperial Sour Ale
    3. Bezos’ Bullshit Bathroom Breaks – Hazy IPA
    4. The Best Damn Petshop in Town – Hazy IPA
    5. Choc-Berry Super Smoothie – Chocolate & Mixed Berry Smoothie Sour Ale
    6. Emerald Mining on Mars – Musky Red IPA
    7. Hazy Hop Buddies #17 - Harry and Lloyd – Hazy IPA
    8. Hazy Hop Buddies #18 - Jerry and George – Hazy IPA
    9. Hazy Hop Buddies #19 - Phoebe and Joey – Hazy IPA
    10. Imperial Empire – Foreign Extra Stout
    11. Jaffa Invasion – Chocolate Orange Imperial Stout
    12. Just Chilling – Citra Hop Oil Czech Pilsner
    13. Me Time #11 – Riwaka Single Hop Hazy IPA
    14. My Last Album was The Tonic – Gin Double Hazy IPA
    15. NOW That’s What I Call Hoppy – Amarillo
    16. NOW That’s What I Call Hoppy – Vic Secret
    17. Screw It, Let’s Brew It – Triple IPA
    18. Strawberry Daiquiri – Sour Ale
    19. Super Ripe Apricots – Triple Hazy IPA
    20. Summer in a Can – Hazy IPA
    21. Wasting Away In Margaritaville – Strawberry Margarita Gose Sour Ale.
    22. Who Used All The Citra? – Triple Hazy IPA
    23. You Get an IPA… - Hazy IPA